Success for My Child - Helping Children with Disabilities

Marnie Pettit - Special Education Advocate

When would parents need help?

Parents are concerned that their child is not making progress in school

Worried that your child might have a learning disability

Parents feel frustrated, hopeless, or intimidated when it comes to the ARD (admission, review, or dismissal) or 504 process

School district is not meeting their obligations put forth in the IEP (individual education plan) or 504 plan

Child might need a BIP (behavior intervention plan)

Parents are concerned that the child's BIP is not being followed

Child is not making progress because the IEP is not tailored to meet your child's need accurately

What can a special education advocate do for you?

Read and make recommendations for all documents pertaining to their client and for services that might be needed to ensure success of their child

Attend ARD meetings, 504 meetings, and other meetings held between school personnel and parents

Lend a voice to the child when their needs are not being met

Help parents that need support in understanding their child's rights

Bring expertise needed to stand up for the rights of your child

Teach YOU how to advocate for your child in the special education process

*** Remember, school districts are required to give your child an individualized education when they have any sort of disability. This can be cognitive, physical, emotional, or behavioral. Make sure you have someone in your corner that understands the rights of your child! ***

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